The Athornan Mandal was established on: 9th May 1915, (Roz 30, Mah 8, 1284 YZ) with the intention of ameliorating and improving the condition of Mobeds and solving the problems facing the priestly Community, and providing guidance to the Community in religious and ecclesiastical matters. It was founded by Dastur Darab Peshotan Sanjana, Seth Jehangirji Vimadalal, Seth Faredun Dadachanji, Dastur Minocher Jamaspji JamaspAsana, Ervad Mahyar Nowroji Kutar and others.

Its lasting contribution to the Community is the Athornan Boarding Madressa which was founded in June 1919 (Roz 30, Mah 2, 1289 YZ) at Golanji Hill. Then the Madressa building was built in 1924, and since 21-4-1924, (Rox 8, Mah 10 1293 YZ), the Madressa is situated at 651-52, Firdausi Road, Mancherji Joshi Parsi Colony, Dadar. Athornan Mandal, at its own expenses constructed the second storey of the building in 1926.

In the general meeting of the Athornan Mandal dated 24-3-65, a resolution was passed to close down the Athornan Madressa for lack of funds and students. It was re-opened after a year in June 1966 under a new management. Er. Rustomji N. Panthaki was the unanimous choice as its Principal. Rustomji served as a Principal of this period for a long period of twenty nine years.

In 1990, the three storeyed Annex Building of the Madressa was inaugurated. This building is a monument to the dedication and love of Rustomji for the Madressa and the priestly Class. As a mark of honour to him, the Trustees decided to have it inaugurated by his own hands, as he was instrumental for this Annex right from its visualization and planning to fund-raising and completion.

Supporting young and senior priests
Since the past 10 years, the Athornan Mandal along with the W.Z.O. has been giving out help to the young full time priests – even those pursuing their higher studies. Under this scheme monthly compensation is given to priests depending on the type of rituals they are doing, their enthusiasm, their education and their Community service and circumstances. This help ranges from Rs.1,200 to 3,000 per candidate per month. In the financial year 2005-06 – around 11 lakhs of Rupees were given as compensation to 52 such priests and the Mandal is always on the look out for worthy candidates to increase the scope of the scheme. Under this scheme the priestly candidates not only get monthly stipend but are also assured of Retirement benefits.

The Athornan Mandal also felicitates Senior Mobed Sahebs by awarding a sizeable amount for appreciating their lifetime service of 50 years or more to the Community.

Founders of Athornan Mandal:
Dastur Darab Peshotan Sanjana, Seth Jehangirji Vimadalal, Seth Faredun Dadachanji, Dastur Minocher Jamaspji JamaspAsana, Ervad Mahyar Nowroji Kutar.

Past Presidents of Athornan Mandal:
Dasturji Kaikhushru Kutar, Dastruji Manekji Bhathena, Dasturji Garda, Dasturji Kaiobad Dastur.

Past Chairmen of Athornan Mandal:
Seth F.K.F. Madan, Seth Erach Nadirsha, Seth Jehangirji F. Shroff.

Past Hon. Secretaries of Athornan Mandal:
Jal Bajan, Mahiyar Kutar, Fali Master, Er. Parvez M. Bajan.

Present Office Bearers:
Prof. Er. Nadir A. Modi, Chairman, Board of Trustees
Dasturji Khurshed K. Dastur, Trustee & President of Managing Committee
Dasturji Peshotan H. Mirza, Trustee & President of Managing Committee
Ervad Vispi S. Dastur, Trustee, Treasurer and jt. Hon. Secretary to the Trustees
Ervad Aspandyar R. Dadachandji, Trustee
Mr. Homi R. Ranina, Trustee,
Er. Parvez M. Bajan

Jt. Hon Secretaries:
Er. Cyrus D. Darbari and Er. Kaizad F. Karkaria

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